Zeal for life Challenge Scam….Exposed, Zeal Healthy

Ok Ok what is the Zeal for Life Challenge??? Is it scam, is the Challenge a Pyramid scheme, is it all Natural, Is it a diet? Who the heck is Zurvita, is Zeal the real deal?

This is awesome,

All day, every day I get questions like ones above about my business. So here we go… The Zeal for Life Challenge is a movement of like-minded people, who committed to getting healthier over the next 90 days. Zeal is a mind blowing all natural product that’s has truly saved me hundreds of dollars, as well as helped tons of my family and friends. The Zeal for life Challenge is for people of all ages. It can be about weight loss, or it can just be for staying healthy and well.

Although Zeal is not intended to cure anything, the way people are feeling while taking Zeal or doing the Zeal for life challenge; all testimonies and stories are mind blowing and hard to believe.

Here is a personal one from my friend Jason

“Why not share my own Zeal testimony? After about a month of refusal (sorry Derick Land) I decided to try the Zeal Wellness drink. After 3 days I was hooked! I have been taking Zeal consistently for just over 5 weeks. The first thing that I noticed was the sustained energy. Ever since I had my Thyroid removed due to cancer in 2003 I have struggled with energy and have always had to work harder at controlling my weight. I used to drink 2-3 Monster Energy drinks everyday just to get by. I have not had one in the last month and I feel better than ever throughout the entire day and my workouts have been crazy! I have lost 15 pounds so far and I have not changed anything in my diet or workout routines. My strength and endurance have increased as well. I feel like a youngster again! About 2 weeks into it I noticed that I was sleeping better (which I thought was not possible!) and when my wife noticed the same results for herself I knew it wasn’t all in my head. To sum it all up I feel better than ever, sleep better, and am more motivated than ever! I was the biggest skeptic about everything, but I am glad I gave in too.”

Wow that’s amazing his story gives me chills

I feel very blessed that I get to be a part of something bigger then myself. It is always nice to know that what you’re doing is making a difference for other people. I let you be the judge still thinks it’s a scam?
Zurvita is an amazing company. Their three principals are; build a company that glorifies god, have humble leadership, and build it so that anyone can succeed at any level. That pretty amazing too hahah.

I know and feel that Zeal is the real deal. Do you dare take the Zeal For Life Challenge???

Thanks for reading,

Derick Land http://www.zealhealthy.com


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One thought on “Zeal for life Challenge Scam….Exposed, Zeal Healthy

  1. Fantastic Article! Zurvita is a fantastic company with great people who truly want you to
    succeed. They help you every step of the way. So many other companies treat you as a number,
    but Zurvita treats you as part of the family. In order to succeed you need to have a tribe.
    I love Zurvita.

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